Fleet Training

Fleet training gives you:instructor_image_150

  • Better public image
  • Reduction in fuel and maintenance costs

it makes business sense to have fleet training.

Employment related driving is the most dangerous work-related task performed by employees in the UK.

When we speak to companies the above statement tends to shock, however when you think about it is it really all that shocking?

You could have a really good team of people however their driving may not be quite as good.

Below are some statistics supplied by Rospa, Police and Insurance companies.

  • Company car drivers are two to three times more likely to be involved in an accident than the average driver.
  • Over 48 people are killed and over 500 seriously injured on the road every week.
  • The human and emotional costs of this carnage cannot be quantified. However the economic costs to the community are in the range of 10.5 billion pounds per year.
  • Although statistics show that the United Kingdom has a road safety record amongst the best in the world, those statistics will never bring any comfort to the bereaved or those struggling to rebuild lives shattered by injury.

There are 3 contributory factors that cause accidents.

  • The Driver
  • The Vehicle
  • The Road Environment.

When we work with your company we address all of these contributory factors and reduce the risk to your drivers and the costs to your company.

We will work with you to eliminate any disruption to your company by integrating the risk assessments and training into the working day of your employees. As we cover the entire country we can provide this service to you no matter where you’re located.

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